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Effective Acne Treatment

Board-Certified Dermatologist recommended treatment you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re Different. And Better.


An Effective Treatment for Stubborn Acne – Finally!

Skip the treatment fads and at-home remedies. Stop searching the drugstore for trendy treatments and discover a personalized treatment that gives you results! Best of all, our online consultations cost just $79!


Our Dermatologist Designs a Treatment Plan Specifically for You.

There are many over-the-counter products available, but your results shouldn’t be based on guesswork. Get the right treatments specifically tailored for your skin from a Board-Certified Dermatologist located right here in Central Minnesota!


Get Started in Days - Not Months!

The industry standard for an initial dermatologist appointment is an astonishing 4 to 6 months! Our online consultations take just 10-15 minutes to complete and treatment can begin within a week. You’ll be on your way to better skin in days, not months.

  • Persistent acne
  • Blackheads
  • Clogged pores
  • Deep, painful pimples
  • Hyper pigmentation (darker spots)
  • Whiteheads

You Deserve a Plan Custom-Tailored for You.

Big zits? Clogged pores? Occasional breakouts?

Whatever your blemish problems, we will prepare products that you can’t get off the shelf—and we put your name on that bottle. Based on the photos you send in your online consultation, we’ll get you started on the right path, then follow up with a complete plan that is entirely your own. Based on the photo you submit in your online consultation, we’ll get you started on the right path with our dermatologist-driven treatment plan that is entirely your own.

Get Started Today


Fill out a short questionnaire and upload a few photos of your acne for our dermatologists to review. Make sure your photos are well-lit and remove any makeup before taking the photo.


Next, a dermatologist will review your information and begin to work on a custom treatment plan. This plan can feature custom topical medications, medical-grade products, in-office treatments, and sometimes an oral medication. You will receive your treatment plan within two business days to get started.


Lastly, you will be given the option to have an in-office visit or remain in the comfort of your own home. At an in-office visit, our acne specialist will go over your treatment plan and allow you to purchase the recommended products. By selecting the at home option, we will email your treatment plan to your inbox with a link to purchase products from our online store. After 3 months of treatment, our team will reach out for a follow up appointment.

Your Options

To Receive Your Treatment Plan


Meet with an acne specialists for a premium experience to review your dermatologist recommended treatment plan.

  • VISIA® Complexion Analysis
  • Talk directly with our experts
  • Purchase products at our office


Receive your step-by-step treatment plan via email from our acne specialists.

  • Receive guidance and recommendations from our experts at your convenience
  • Purchase products from our online store

The Results Speak for Themselves

Refine Acne Clinic’s online consultation is a modern, efficient way of accessing the expertise of a dermatologist.

“Sam has been really great to work with. He always answers my questions so fast! I have tried everything and have had no luck & have been using the products Dr. La Bine gave me for 2 weeks and have already seen really great improvements! Very glad I decided to try Refine Acne Clinics.”


Are You Ready for an Effective Acne Treatment?

We do more than just send you a box of products each month. At Refine Acne Clinics, we monitor the progress of each of our patients. You’ll also have the added bonus of access to the best products and skin care specialists in Central Minnesota!

Every person’s journey to clear skin is different. Our team of dermatologists and acne specialists will evaluate your skin care needs and progress to ensure the best possible outcome.